Impact on the community

Headshot of Susan Cross.

Professor and past chair, psychology

  • Worked with students and colleagues to upgrade the department's advising suite, add wayfinding tools to improve navigation and repurpose additional space to create a collaboration space for students and faculty.
  • Designed a new class exploring career paths in psychology and changed an introductory psychology course from team-taught across three sections to one instructor per section, resulting in a notable improvement in DFW rates for the course.
  • Lobbied for increased salaries and decreased salary compression across ranks, receiving two special allocations to help improve faculty recruitment and retention.
  • Reinvigorated the department's diversity committee and initiated the Mosaic program to provide paid research experience and assistance with graduate school applications for underrepresented students.

Headshot of Michael Kimber.

Professor and chair, biomedical sciences

  • Fostered positive departmental change by prioritizing transparency and shared governance.
  • Worked with the Biomedical Advisory Committee to establish criteria and guidelines for faculty evaluation, improving the consistency and transparency of the process.
  • Collaborated with the department's Graduate Education and Research committee to increase and diversify enrollment in the non-thesis master's degree program, resulting in all-time high enrollment.
  • Advocated for infrastructure improvements that positively impacted research programs across campus.
  • "Dr. Kimber's leadership has had a transformative impact on our department. I would cite him without reservation as the premier example of effective, integrity-driven leadership that I have had the opportunity to work under during my time at ISU."

Headshot of Chris Strawhacker.

Campus planner, facilities planning and management

  • Led the three-year process (2019-22) to develop 30-year strategic facilities plan for Iowa State, collaborating with 50+ campus stakeholders and multiple work groups -- through a pandemic.
  • Worked with leaders from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, ROTC, athletics, recreation services and the ISU Foundation to identify a campus site for an official military obstacle course and provide a prospectus for potential donors.
  • Serves as a guest lecturer and subject-matter expert for student design reviews in the College of Design.
  • Serves on multiple university committees in the areas of transportation, sustainability, maintenance and museums.

Headshot of Nell Gabiam.

Associate professor, world languages and cultures

  • Received a National Science Foundation Civics Grant to improve integration processes for Ukrainian refugees.
  • Recognized as an expert on Syria, Palestinian refugees and the relationship between development and humanitarianism.
  • Emerged as a curriculum development leader, playing a major role in the creation of the Middle Eastern Studies minor and development of a Model Arab League at Iowa State.
  • Organizes and facilitates workshops for the United Nations and advocacy groups around the world.

Headshot of Francis Owusu.

Professor and chair, community and regional planning

  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion and community building within and beyond his department.
  • Mentored faculty as a leader for the ISU Black Male Faculty Group and College of Design New Faculty Mentoring Program.
  • Recruited and mentored faculty and graduates of the African and African American studies program.
  • Organized the first Iowa-hosted international conference of the Mid-America Alliance for African Studies (2018) and supported African immigrants in Iowa as an advisor and a volunteer for the non-profit association Wake Up For Your Rights.
  • Collaborated with institutional DEI leadership to address equity concerns and promote an inclusive department culture.
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Impact on students

Headshot of Don Sakaguchi.

Morrill Professor, genetics, development and cell biology

  • Supported collaboration and development of an integrated projects program for undergraduate and graduate students spanning more than two decades.
  • Developed a sustainable study abroad program immersing students in the culture and environment of Roatán.
  • Mentored students and faculty as a co-advisor for the Biological Sciences Club, Tribeta and ISU chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.
  • "I believe that Dr. Sakaguchi epitomizes what supporting student success should look like throughout both his lab and the whole biology program."

Headshot of Svitlana Zbarska.

Coordinator, undergraduate research program (campuswide)

  • Hit a five-year benchmark for growing awareness and preparation for undergraduate research among students and faculty within three years.
  • Developed a team of Undergraduate Research Ambassadors to promote the impact of undergraduate research across campus.
  • Collaborated with departments across campus through the First-Year Honors Mentor Program, the largest faculty-student matching program for first-year students in the United States.
  • Worked with information technology services to develop an online database dedicated to increasing the number of students and faculty participants in the First-Year Honors Mentor Program, engaging with more than 700 faculty and students during the process.

Members of the Experiential Programs team -- Megan Graettinger, Jean Walsh, Alex Andrade, Ashley Sawyer and Sam Dilocker -- pose for a group photo.
Pictured, left to right: Megan Graettinger, Jean Walsh, Alex Andrade, Ashley Sawyer and Sam Dilocker.

Experiential Programs Team, ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship

Alex Andrade, CyBIZ Lab program director; Samantha Dilocker, marketing specialist; Megan Graettinger, assistant director of experiential programs; Ashley Sawyer, program assistant; and Jean Walsh, program specialist

  • Impacts thousands of students annually with entrepreneurship programming and courses as well as individual guidance and mentorship.
  • Received the 2021 U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Model Program award.
  • Named a Nasdaq Center of Entrepreneurial Excellence by the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers.
  • "The Pappajohn Center staff consistently pushes the boundaries by providing collaborative, cross-college events that advocate for student empowerment and the pursuit of personal and professional growth."

Headshot of David Vogel.

Professor, psychology

  • Graduated 18 graduate students over 22 years, served as committee member for 92 more.
  • Formally advised approximately 15 students through other programs, including the Ronal E. McNair Scholars Program, Preparing Future Faculty Program and the Minority Student Scholarship.
  • "Dr. Vogel proudly shares his formulas for work-life balance and models how a person can put more on their plate while being realistic about time."
  • "We have commonly reflected that as we progress through the program, we can feel him growing with us. To that effect, Dr. Vogel celebrates our different ways of thinking and our novel aspirations and never quells them."

Headshot of Jenny Baker.

Teaching professor, civil, construction and environmental engineering

  • Provided mentorship as an academic advisor, student organization advisor and faculty advisor for the National Electrical Contractors Association student chapter at ISU.
  • Inspired students to pursue STEM careers through work with the Women in Science and Engineering program, Architecture Construction Engineering Mentoring and additional outreach events.
  • Took a lead role in recruiting undeclared engineering students for the construction engineering major.
  • "One of the most important aspects of an advisor, in my opinion, is having someone the student feels comfortable coming to for questions about absolutely anything. Jenny Baker went above and beyond in this respect. From questions about academic and career opportunities to personal conversation, Jenny was always willing to listen and help in any way that she could."

Headshot of Deborah Holmes.

Assistant director of academic advising, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Exemplified servant leadership as an advisor to thousands of students and contributed to the recruitment and support of female computer science students.
  • Advocated for student course delivery needs as a member of the computer science curriculum committee.
  • Played a key role in gathering information for the computer science department accreditation process.
  • "Through her dedication to helping students achieve their academic and personal goals, Deborah Holmes has inspired students to pursue a career in computer science and related fields. She has celebrated their achievements with them and sustained their allegiance to ISU after they graduated. Her impact on ISU has been stellar and noteworthy."

Headshot of Rhaechel Ohge Fritz.

Academic advisor, Ivy College of Business

  • Co-coordinates the Business Learning Teams for the college and previously led the Industrial Engineers Are Leaders first-year and transitions learning communities for the College of Engineering.
  • Contributed to the development of resources for the Career Readiness Competencies framework within the Division of Student Affairs.
  • "Rhaechel is superbly talented. She pays tremendous attention to detail while working with university and college policy. She effectively works with students from various backgrounds and varying levels of college readiness. However, what we appreciate the most is that she does all of these things with kindness and grace."

Headshot of Sarah Wehner.

Academic advisor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Coordinated Biology Education Success Team learning community, one of the oldest and largest learning communities at ISU.
  • Provided mentorship and professional development for learning community peer mentors.
  • Developed an electronic worksheet for first-year biology majors to submit prior to their orientation advising session and a pre-registration survey for current students to streamline appointments.
  • "Sarah's passion for teaching and helping students succeed is demonstrated both inside and outside of the classroom. I have observed that as a former member, current advisee and peer mentor in the BEST learning community. She incorporates ISU's Principles of Community as an advisor and supervisor and exemplifies what it means to be a Cyclone."
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Teaching excellence

Headshot of Frank Montabon.

Dean's Professor, supply chain management

  • Played a key role in the establishment of the Operations Management program.
  • Participated in pilot projects with new learning tools.
  • Developed impactful study abroad courses with experiential opportunities for students.
  • "Frank puts in the work and actively seeks to teach other people, both inside and outside the classroom. He does not actively seek accolades. Rather his efforts and actions are driven by what he feels is best for others."

Headshot of Jean Pierre Taoutel.

Teaching professor, world languages and cultures

  • Significantly contributed to the development of French and Arabic curriculum.
  • Served as a core contributor to creating the Middle Eastern Student minor.
  • Developed several study abroad programs emphasizing the importance of students as global citizens and created project-based learning experiences for students to demonstrate language skills and express creativity.
  • Created Open Spaces at ISU, an initiative to connect students with different backgrounds and skills who learn from each other.

Headshot of Lynna Chu.

Assistant professor, statistics

  • Created connections between student intuitions and statistical theories, enabling students to diagnose complex statistical issues.
  • Invested significant time and effort to design impactful projects and homework and offered supplemental lectures to motivate students of different backgrounds and interests to further engage with statistics.
  • Supported students beyond the classroom with an understanding and sensitivity to student backgrounds and personal circumstances.
  • Demonstrates a deep knowledge of course materials and the ability to genuinely excite students about statistics and data science.

Headshot of Bruce Kraft.

Professor of practice, finance

  • Developed impactful pedological innovations in foundational business courses and created a new elective course to prepare finance majors for strategic planning and budgeting in corporate financial management.
  • Invited high-level corporate finance managers from prominent local businesses to speak and work with students, creating opportunities for leaders and students to connect about internships and jobs.
  • Engaged with students beyond the classroom to expand study abroad opportunities and prepare MBA students for external case competitions.
  • Implemented the Capsim business simulation tool to give students decision-making experiences across the functional areas of business.

Headshot of Elizabeth McNeill.

Assistant professor, food science and human nutrition

  • Developed and revamped impactful courses creating community and engagement among students.
  • Supported students' professional development by providing advice and mentorship to students pursuing graduate and medical school.
  • Participated in the International Undergraduate Workshop at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology on multiple occasions, a one-week experience focused on collaborative experimental design and analytics for undergraduates interested in attending graduate school.
  • Received the Undergraduate Research Mentor Award from the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities' Board on Human Sciences (2021).

Headshot of Eric Underbakke.

Associate professor, biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology

  • Redesigned introductory biochemistry courses to raise the rigor and connect biochemistry topics with current events.
  • Launched Eat N' Learn, a weekly session where students enjoy pizza and receive help from biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology faculty.
  • Designed a course to address the learning and research gap resulting from the impact of the COVID pandemic.
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Research excellence

Headshot of Wenyu Huang.

Professor, chemistry; faculty scientist, Ames National Laboratory

  • Recognized internationally as a leader in his field, with a focus on developing new catalysts and catalytic processes for waste plastic upcycling.
  • Published more than 140 papers in refereed journals that are based on his ISU research, including "Chemical Society Reviews," "Nature Catalysis" and "Nature Communications."
  • Presented nearly 100 invited lectures and national and international meetings and at other universities. 
  • In addition to 11 current doctoral students, 10 students received their PhD degrees under his direction. He has mentored 65 undergraduate students, 4 visiting graduate students, 7 visiting scholars and 5 postdoctoral associates.
  • Obtained $6 million in research funding for his research program and involved in securing $34 million in funding for ISU, Ames Lab and his collaborators.

Headshot of Michael Wannemuehler.

Professor, veterinary microbiology and preventive medicine; associate director, Nanovaccine Institute

  • Helped establish the Nanovaccine Institute, which has brought in nearly $50 million in grant funds.
  • More than 160 journal articles published from his lab.
  • Since 1983, his ISU research has been supported continuously (as a PI or co-PI) by federal funding (ex., departments of agriculture and defense, National Institutes of Health). This feat likely places him in the top 5% of active academic scientists.
  • Served as major or co-major professor to 40 graduate students and on the program of study committee for 167 others.
  • "He's drawn to collaboration and has spent his career working with other scientists to reach shared research goals. He willingly and graciously shares the spotlight to advance science. He often serves as co-PI on grants to assist others in advancing their careers."

Headshot of Aaron Rossini.

Associate professor, chemistry

  • Recognized among the world's leaders in improving and applying uses for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), a technique for analyzing the molecular structure of materials.
  • Established national and international collaborations to solve structural problems for materials that are difficult to characterize by other techniques. 
  • Since 2021, he has published 37 peer-reviewed articles.
  • Trains his students to be top-level researchers who understand the theory behind the NMR techniques they're using. 
  • "Professor Rossini is highly desired as a speaker, his work anticipated by a broad spectrum of researchers, and his papers quickly read by the entire community."

Headshot of Zengyi Shao.

Associate professor, chemical and biological engineering; Herschel B. Whitney Professor, global initiatives

  • Published five book chapters and 40 peer-reviewed journal articles (27 with her ISU students and colleagues); research focus is synthetic yeast cells with applications in pharmaceuticals and as a precursor to bioplastics.
  • Past co-editor for "Engineering in Life Sciences," editorial board member of the "Journal of Industrial Microbiology" and "Metabolic Engineering Communications."
  • "Very visible" in several national society communities, frequently as session chair or program steering committee member.
  • Awarded nearly $8 million in federal and local grants.
  • Filed patent application for a metabolic process in yeast.

Headshot of Thomas Iadecola.

Assistant professor, physics and astronomy; scientist, Ames National Laboratory

  • Recognized as a rising star in condensed matter physics; made substantial contributions to the development and implementation of quantum algorithms.
  • Published 37 papers in high-impact journals (including "Nature") and presented 28 invited talks (15 since joining Iowa State in 2019).
  • Serves as co-PI of competitive grants from the National Science Foundation and National Quantum Information Science Research Centers. 
  • Received an NSF CAREER Award (2022).
  • "He is making new discoveries at a fast pace, collaborating with experimentalists and other theorists and writing high-profile papers that solve very interesting questions about the quantum behavior of our world."

Headshot of Shira Zerbib.

Assistant professor, mathematics

  • Since joining the math faculty in 2019, has published 23 papers in the strongest journals in her discipline: discrete (countable) mathematics.
  • Presented 33 invited conference talks, including international, and 38 seminar talks at prestigious conferences and institutions.
  • Received the Graduate College's Postdoctoral Mentoring Award (2021); already has mentored two post docs.
  • Built an international recognition in her field, which has helped to raise the research profile of the mathematics department.
  • "I work with a lot of people, but Shira has one of the most flexible and agile minds I have ever met."

Members of the ENDURE team -- William Gallus, Alice Alipour, Behrouz Shafei, Robin McNeely, Ian Dobson and Anne Kimber -- pose for a group photo.
Pictured, left to right: William Gallus, Alice Alipour, Behrouz Shafei, Robin McNeely, Ian Dobson and Anne Kimber. Not pictured: Himar Hernandez, Amy Logan, Gary Taylor and Mary Weinand.

ENDURE (Electric Network Disaster Mitigation for Utilities in Rural Environment) Team

Alice Alipour, associate professor, civil, construction and environmental engineering Cerwik Faculty Fellow; Behrouz Shafei, associate professor, civil, construction and environmental engineering; Ian Dobson, professor; electrical and computer engineering; and Arend J. and Verna V. Sandbulte Professorship in Engineering; William Gallus, professor, geological and atmospheric sciences; Anne Kimber, director, Electric Power Research Center; Gary Taylor, professor and Extension specialist, community and regional planning; Robin McNeely, manager, and Amy Logan, research scientist, GIS Support and Research Facility; Himar Hernandez, assistant program director, and Mary Weinand, community development specialist, community and economic development, ISU Extension and Outreach

  • Developed a data-centric digital platform to assist rural electric utilities with risk assessment and resilience to natural hazards.
  • Generated the data and supporting models for the types of natural hazards observed in specific regions, and are in a pilot phase.
  • Tool will allow rural electric networks to identify preventive and corrective actions as the climate evolves.
  • Received grant funding from the National Science Foundation's Civil Innovation Challenge (2022) and the Iowa Economic Development Authority (2021-23).
  • "This effort isn't a simple sum of the parts contributed by individual members, but a well-integrated interdisciplinary research endeavor that has led to a tool to solve the existing needs of utilities across the state of Iowa and beyond."

Headshot of Cai-Zhuang Wang.

Senior scientist, Ames National Laboratory; and adjunct professor, physics and astronomy

  • Presented 127 invited talks at conferences and institutions.
  • Published 520 peer-reviewed journal papers (including two in "Nature") that have received more than 16,500 citations.
  • Elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society (2014).
  • Since 2008 (promotion to senior scientist), has received research funding of $14.8 million.
  • "He is a strong role model for how a scientist should interact with colleagues."

CIRAS wordmark

CIRAS Manufacturing 4.0 Team

Food manufacturing expert Troy Crowe; industry extension specialists Andrew Friend, Kirk Haaland and Eric Higgins; strategic advisors Rachel Hahn, Adam Lathrop, Derek Thompson, Jeff White and Steve Wilson; external services project manager Kira Kistner; and marketing manager Gayle Mastbergen

  • Supported the Iowa Economic Development Authority's (IEDA) Iowa Manufacturing 4.0 small company program to incentivize investment in technology among manufacturers with up to 75 employees.
  • Provided more than 200 assessments for companies throughout the state for grant applications to the IEDA program -- five times the 40 or so they anticipated.
  • The impact on Iowa manufacturing was significant. Participants reported nearly $70 million in total impacts (ex., increased sales, jobs added, cost savings, investments). This number reflects approximately two-thirds of the total assessments, and the total value of the program may exceed $100 million.

Headshot of Rick Sanders.

Director and president, ISU Research Park

  • Built a culture where innovators can thrive and employees feel valued.
  • Achieved near-capacity occupancy of the research park with 120 companies, stabilizing the financial position of the organization.
  • Added staff, especially in the corporate engagement area, to continue building relationships across campus and with industry partners, and to develop initiatives that will help the companies at the park grow.
  • "The soundness of the ISURP has a ripple effect on the state of Iowa. The companies that call the park their home are developing cutting edge technologies that affect all corners of the state, from agriculture to manufacturing to animal health. They need a place to work and a community that supports them, which the ISURP provides."

Headshot of Kyoung-Jin Yoon.

Professor, veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine

  • Disclosed 28 inventions and awarded 21 patents, some related to vaccines for companion and production animals. This production puts him among the top 20% of ISU inventors.
  • His portfolio for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus portfolio (since 2015) generates annual sales in the millions of dollars.
  • Continued development of a 2013 canine influenza vaccine into a multivalent vaccine in 2019 boosted sales 20-fold by 2021. In 2015, the vaccine saved tens of thousands of animals during an influenza outbreak.
  • Monoclonal antibodies to rotavirus types B and C developed in his lab are sold as research tools to academic and commercial groups seeking treatments for the disease.
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Service excellence

Headshot of Kate Goudy.

Programs manager, Child Welfare Research and Training Project, human development and family studies

  • As project lead, grew a five-member team to 18 P&S staff, 5 graduate research assistants and 13 undergraduate student workers over 11 years, adding positions with intention.
  • Led effort to create the Child Support Training Partnership (2016), which offers monthly tips and tools to child support programs in all 50 states.
  • Worked with the state Child Support Recovery Unit (Health and Human Services) on outreach to hospitals, clinics and birthing centers about establishing paternity and correctly completing an affidavit.
  • Helped establish a free curriculum for Iowa students in grades 7-12 on the financial realities of teen parenting and healthy relationships -- and assisted with a grant to extend the program to ISU and community college students.
  • Identifies team members' strengths and cultivates them to benefit the people receiving its services.

Headshot of Jeff Mitchell.

Meat processing specialist, animal science

  • Meticulously prepares materials, products and equipment for meat science teaching labs.
  • Suggests improvements to lab exercises and demonstrations.
  • Trains and supervises student workers in the Meat Laboratory (to meet USDA and OSHA requirements).
  • Collects and verifies daily data on food safety in the Meat Laboratory required to operate as a USDA facility.
  • "He is a major asset to our educational programs at all levels -- a natural teacher who is equally effective with elementary school tour groups, extension short course clientele, undergraduates and graduate students."

Headshot of Patrick Wall.

Area beef specialist, ISU Extension and Outreach

  • During nine years with extension, authored or coauthored more than 35 articles, fact sheets and research reports used by the popular press.
  • Organizes annual cow-calf conference that draws more than 1,000 beef producers and ag industry stakeholders.
  • Innovates in response to needs. A recent example, "Cattle in the Green" four-part course addresses financial hardships facing Iowa beef producers via active learning exercises and problem-solving scenarios.
  • Serves on numerous industry-related boards related to cattle, grasslands, farm safety
  • Regular contributor to national beef trade publications on beef genetics and carcass ultrasound.

Headshot of Karen Barker.

Grants specialist, College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Since arriving in 2019, "a critical asset" to the college's Office of Research and Graduate Studies, where she supports pre-award management, research development, 30 professional students in the summer scholars program and more than 160 graduate students.
  • Single-handedly supported all these efforts for six months when two colleagues departed. Reviewed and approved GoldSheets at a rate consistent with a staff of three.
  • Developed novel Smartsheets to manage her duties and deadlines.
  • Spearheaded the college's participation in Purdue University's Certificate Program for Diversity and Inclusion.
  • "She weathered significant challenges by teaching herself to build a boat while sailing the boat."

Headshot of Jim Jordahl.

Project analyst, Bioeconomy Institute, natural resource ecology and management

  • Shepherded 51 faculty, staff, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students to produce a 281-page report, "Carbon Science for Carbon Markets: Emerging Opportunities in Iowa" within 100 days for the Governor’s Carbon Sequestration Task Force. He continually updates the report.
  • Serves as the resource on all things carbon for faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students, and frequently the first point of contact for industry groups seeking science-based information on carbon science.
  • Key organizer for the online Carbon Removal Forum and Soil Carbon Measurement Workshop (both 2022), events that pooled ISU expertise to educate Iowans about carbon-related issues.
  • "Jim is very pleasant to work with, has a friendly, open disposition, fosters a spirit of cooperation, works extremely well with his colleagues, presents his ideas clearly and offers helpful, timely suggestions."

Headshot of Claire Kruesel.

Undergraduate program coordinator, biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology

  • Sought a leadership role for the department's scholarship committee and set up a rubric for objectivity, prioritized funding for first-generation students.
  • Created and oversees two novel programs not part of her job description: 1) departmental mentoring program (faculty mentor students), involves 14 faculty and 160 undergraduates, 2) Summer undergraduate research program (9-week, donor funded) created with the past department chair and concludes with a Three Minute Thesis event.
  • Knows all 150 undergraduate majors by name.
  • Shepherds students who organize the department's annual Stupka Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Headshot of Rich Wrage.

Regional director (Boone, Carroll, Greene and Guthrie counties), ISU Extension and Outreach

  • Over 29 years, has led successful programs in each of extension's four educational area and secured grants totaling more than $100,000.
  • Leads the effort each year to elect directors in every county office for the Iowa Corn Promotion Board; worked with extension councils and staff to reach new audiences and diversify the board.
  • Trained as a regional director mentor, has worked with eight novice regional directors and served as interim regional director for five counties.
  • Member of Iowa's 4-H Hall of Fame for his service in Boone County.
  • A proponent of lifelong learning, he completed many professional development seminars, graduated from the National Extension Leadership Development program, and attended national Extension conferences (Public Issues Leadership Development and County Agricultural Agents) multiple times.

Headshot of Russ Euken.

Livestock specialist, region 3, ISU Extension and Outreach

  • Over a 41-year career, led or helped deliver more than 450 educational programs reaching more than 10,000 clients.
  • 250 producers or industry clients contact him annually for assistance on a wide variety of subjects.
  • He's the only field specialist working across two programs, the Iowa Beef Center and the Iowa Pork Industry Center.
  • Research reports and publications he authored or co-authored have more than 160,000 downloads since 2015.
  • Assists many audiences: livestock and ag producers, agribusinesses, families, commodity groups and non-agriculture groups (ex., chamber of commerce, city government) that want to understand agriculture-related local issues.

Headshot of Garland Dahlke.

Research scientist, Iowa Beef Center, ISU Extension and Outreach

  • Developed or co-developed more than 38 software programs or calculators used daily by livestock producers, industry specialists and extension professionals. 
  • The Estrus Synchronization Planner (to tighten the breeding/calving season) has been downloaded for free more than 31,000 times worldwide.
  • Since October 2003, he has fielded more than 17,000 phone calls from clientele seeking his advice on cattle nutrition and software solutions.
  • "His leadership in developing useful software tools for extension professionals and producers is recognized nationally. His expertise and focus are unique in animal science departments."
  • "Garland's proficiency as an applied researcher has translated into one of the most distinguished extension programs in the United States."

Headshot of Eric Burrough.

Professor, veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine; pathology section leader at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL)

  • Recognized as one of the top swine diagnosticians globally, invited to speak at more than 80 conferences (including 44 international) for his experience and knowledge.
  • Elected president of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (2023), evidence of his peers' respect. 
  • His leadership of the VDL's pathology section has kept it at the leading edge, including being the first full service diagnostic lab with digital pathology as routine practice.
  • Carries a heavy diagnostic caseload (1,700+ cases/year) and serves as a role model for delivering timely, customer-centric service.
  • Authored two chapters in the latest edition of the "Diseases of Swine" textbook, a chapter on porcine intestinal diseases (updated 2022) in the Merck Veterinary Manual, and a chapter on infectious diseases in the "Pathology of Laboratory Swine" textbook.

Headshot of Beth Reynolds.

Program specialist, Iowa Beef Center, ISU Extension and Outreach

  • During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, led a team effort to develop 12 video segments on controlling cow production costs for producers.
  • Developed two series for social media, #CowTipTuesday and #FeedyardFriday, to broaden extension's audience.
  • Managed the 2021 annual Beef Improvement Federation symposium with 394 in-person and 255 virtual registrants.
  • Mentored six undergraduate students in three years.
  • Participates in school programs, where her polished communication skills make her an effective educator.